Let our students speak for us!

il mio posto felice!!!!

[…] I made the choice for the Istituto Italiano Scuola because I was drawn first to the fact that all the teachers are native speakers of the language. [… ] All of the staff and teachers that I have met are awesome!..They are friendly, caring, social and completely project the Italian spirit and energy right from the homeland.  [… ] At the IIS, you really learn the language…. the grammar, correct pronunciation, and cultural nuances that you would never learn from a school that does not employ native speakers. The intensity of learning is awesome, because you are placed in an Italian environment of immersion right from day 1.  Having said that, the teachers make it fun, the small class size makes it much more comfortable and do-able. Everybody gets plenty of attention.  My two hour class each week feels like a total escape to the Italian Peninsula! The very best Language program and school I have ever attended HANDS DOWN. I am a certified trainer, and coach, and I have to say that I am completely impressed with the teaching staff’s  high level of skill, energy and high level of connectivity and engagement within the learning environment.

Grazie…. Paola, Michela, Sylvia, Romana, Valentina and the rest of the crew. I will be a part of this school forever!!!!  I found my roots!!! –  Ho travato il mio posto felice!!!!

IIS is by far the best Italian school in San Francisco.

“I’ve taken classes on and off over the years at several Italian language schools in San Francisco, and IIS is by far the best. I first discovered IIS upon returning from a two-month stint at a language school in Bologna, and I found IIS to be similar to that school in their consistent professional level of instruction, and choice of textbooks and other materials. I return to IIS because I have made many friends there, including the instructors who, besides being excellent teachers, are wonderful people with a depth of knowledge of Italian culture and literature.”

– Dennis Abbe


A school to meet everyone’s needs

“Whether you are seeking an elementary or an advanced course (and everything in between) you will find extremely competent and energetic teachers at IIS. I started several years ago ‘from zero’ learning at IIS and now my friends in Italy can’t believe that I learned their language in SF! Why? Classes are small and teachers are fantastic. In addition to the courses, you will find a range of educational and enriching activities, be their specialized workshops or a variety of expositions, lectures and cultural events, and a library at their cousin organization upstairs, the IIC. I’ve tried more than one Italian school in SF and I’m sticking with IIC!”

– Paula Krugmeier

Wonderful Workshops

“I’ve taken many wonderful workshops at IIS, ranging from a hands-on pasta-making class and “A Culinary Tour of Italy” to contemporary Italian film and “The architecture of Sicily.” The workshops are super interesting and fun and not only are they a great cultural complement to my Italian language classes, they’re also a cool way to share my love of Italy with my non-Italian-speaking friends who were only too happy to join me in learning “How to taste wine like an Italian.”

– Melanie Cornwell

Fun & learning come together at the Istituto

“The classes are structured so that they cover grammar and vocabulary as well as the more “fun” stuff like reading stories. Yet the teachers make it all easy to enjoy. The 3-hour evening classes feature a pot-luck “pausa” where students can share fine Italian foods & wines. It’s a good way to learn “una bella lingua” while having a great time with one’s fellow students. The connection with the Italian Cultural Institute opens up opportunities to get deeper into the culture with films and author talks and musical performances. High-school language class was never like this!”

– Anne Symanovic