Our Classes

IIS is unique in the range of classes offered, from elementary to highly advanced:

Leggiamo Insieme

This wide variety means there is an appropriate class for every student’s needs and competence level. We are happy to consult with you to answer questions regarding placement. Go to Schedule for class dates and times.


At the end of the elementary sessions, students will be able to read and talk about simple topics in the present, past, and future tenses. Classes include grammar instruction, as well as basic conversation and activities such as games and role-playing. As students progress, they read short stories and listen to recorded materials and contemporary songs, developing a familiarity and comfort level with speaking and understanding the living language. Offered as both regular and intensive classes.


Elementare 1
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Interrogative Pronouns
Present Tense
Present Tense Irregular Verbs
Modal Verbs
Elementare 2
There is/There are
Present Perfect/Simple Past
Future Tense
Future Perfect
Elementare 3
Imperfect Tense
Past Perfect
Direct Object Pronouns
Direct Object Pronouns+Compound Tenses
Irregular Adjectives “Bello” and “Quello”
Elementare 4
Reflexive Verbs
Simple and Past Conditional
Indirect Object Pronouns
Imperative (informal)


At the end of the intermediate sessions, students will be able to carry on a conversation on specific topics, as well as read short stories and articles. Students will broaden their knowledge of grammar, covering more complex verb tenses and syntax, preparing for the advanced level. Classes include work on language structure, as well as activities designed to develop students’ ability to comprehend, read, and speak Italian. Offered as both regular and intensive classes.

Intermedio 1
Combined Pronouns
Pronouns+Compound Tenses
Relative Pronouns
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
“Stare per”+Infinitive
Intermedio 2
Simple Past
Present Subjunctive
Past Subjunctive
Imperative (formal)
Intermedio 3
Imperfect Subjunctive
Past Perfect Subjunctive
“If” clauses
“Ci” and “Ne”
Intermedio 4
Passive Form
Present and Past Participle
Direct and Indirect Speech

Revisione Elementare

For those students who have completed the “Elementare” classes and need a transition before entering the “Intermedio” courses. Revisione Elementare provides a grammar review while developing students’ vocabulary and conversational skills.

Revisione Intermedia

For those students who have completed the intermediate classes and need a transition before entering the Avanzato courses. Revisione Intermedia provides a grammar review while developing students’ vocabulary and conversational skills.

Intermedio Conversazione

Students practice conversational and comprehension skills to achieve a greater comfort level while speaking. Students read contemporary materials, act out real-life situations, and listen to dialogues and music, continuing to build on their grammar foundation. No grammar books are necessary.


Advanced classes are designed for students who have completed or are familiar with the grammar topics covered in the Intermediate classes. Students who already speak well will perfect their grammar and improve their comprehension and conversation skills. Avanzato students read and discuss literature, as well as converse about cinema, art, Italian news and current events. Thanks to our affiliation with the Italian Cultural Institute, our students have the opportunity to participate in exclusive book clubs and meet renowned Italian authors whose books they’ve read in class.

A new class, Avanzato Grammatica (Idoneo alla Certificazione), will be offered starting Fall 2017, to the students that want to deepen their knowledge of the Italian Grammar in a very detailed manner.

Leggiamo Insieme

Students read an Italian novel by a classic or contemporary author. The book serves as the basis for discussion on related issues and a deeper exploration of the Italian language and culture. For a list of books from previous classes, go to Books. Fluency is required.