Special Events + Workshops

Grammatica: Facciamo il Punto: I verbi


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Pre-registration is required

Verbs are the most important part of any sentence. Without them we cannot talk. They express how we are, how we feel, the actions we take. They describe events and situations too.
Italian verbs might be intimidating with our ARE, ERE, and IRE endings, but they can be fun to conjugate.
This workshop will help you to understand how our verb system works. Further, it will help you to master, in an interactive way, how to conjugate the present and the imperative tense s of all our regular verbs and the most common irregular ones.

Italian for Travelers

Saturday, August 24th, 2:00-4:30 pm

Cost: $55

Presented in Italian and English. Pre-registration is required

Is it time to travel in Italy? Then it’s time to learn how to handle common situations that you are likely to encounter when visiting our country–meeting people, ordering in a coffee shop or restaurant, buying bus, train or museum tickets, shopping. Role playing these situations, you will learn to use key words and phrases, so as to get more from your vacation.

The class is intended for students with little or no previous exposure to Italian.

Italian: evolution of a welcoming language


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Pre-registration is required

The Italian language is undergoing radical changes which seems to please many speakers and worry experts and lovers of the Bella Lingua: the subjunctive is disappearing; the remote past tense is used less and less and the recent introduction of so many anglicisms might indicate a new process of linguistic evolution. Nevertheless, other languages from the past, dialects, slangs, and jargon have always done their part in shaping Italian as we know it today.
You might be surprised, intrigued, or even amused to discover how Italian is evolving into something “new”.