Special Events + Workshops

Carnevale in Italia


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian and English

Come, bring a friend, and enjoy an afternoon discovering Italy’s Carnevale traditions.
You will discover when and how Carnevale started, for example di you know that its origin dates back to the Roman times?
From northern to southern Italy you will learn about our most traditional maschere, and Italy’s most famous carnival cities.
Bring your mask if you have one or pick one at school, blow your streamers as Italians do, taste some delicious carnival treats, and enjoy the afternoon with us.

Italian for Travelers

Saturday, March 14, 2:00-4:30 pm

Cost: $55

Presented in Italian and English. Pre-registration is required

Is it time to travel in Italy? Then it’s time to learn how to handle common situations that you are likely to encounter when visiting our country–meeting people, ordering in a coffee shop or restaurant, buying bus, train or museum tickets, shopping. Role playing these situations, you will learn to use key words and phrases, so as to get more from your vacation.

The class is intended for students with little or no previous exposure to Italian.

La Filastrocca italiana

Saturday, March 14, 2:00-4:30 pm

Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Pre-registration is required

Filastrocche are there to entertain, distract, teach, scare, tease, lull, recount, affect, play, inform, curse, comfort, celebrate. And then, sometimes, they are just pure sound.
Have you ever wondered what Italian nursery rhymes sound like, or which are the catchiest filastrocche that all Italians learn to recite, sing or dance in their childhood years? But, are you really sure that this is a form of poetry solely aimed at children?
Join us in a fun exploration of this extraordinary form of poetry, in both its classic and contemporary expressions, to better appreciate the Italian language and culture.