Special Events + Workshops

Workshop: Pierpaolo PASOLINI

Thursday, March 24th - 5PM

Cost: $40

Presented in Italian

Pier Paolo Pasolini is one of the most controversial intellectuals of the 20th Century. His writings and his movies were often perceived provocative and scandalous by an established society he criticized throughout his life. Today, his words seem more prophetic than ever.

To remember the anniversary of his 100th birthday, we will explore the words and thoughts of an unmatched poet, writer and filmmaker through excerpts taken from some of his poems and articles, and video footage from his movies and interviews.

Workshop: Arte Intuitiva

Saturday, April 23rd, 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Cost: $45

Presented in Italian

Take a break, immerge yourself into the italian culture while you take a deep deep breath. Connect your creative energy with your inner italian voice – are you ready ?

We invite you to explore your creative side with intuitive painting. You don’t need to be an artist, what counts is the creative process and the final result. You want to release your artistic inner soul through colors, images and imagine to do all this while you experience italian culture. This is an opportunity to explore your artistic and italian spirit.

We wait for you!

Workshop: Game Night @ SFIAC

Wednesday, May 25th, 8PM - 9PM

Cost: $20

Event is in Italian - Beginners Level

It’s Game Time, join us for an evening of fun, networking, and socializing with other Italian students!

We are pleased to invite you for a Game Night by the Istituto Italiano Scuola hosted at the SFIAC – 1630 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133.

What’s an Awesome Way to Spend an Evening?

The event is intended to promote interaction between students and to provide you with a great opportunity to enrich your vocabulary while using what you studied during your course.

We will provide some snacks and you can purchase your drink at the bar.

Space is limited so reserve your place, get your tickets now! Don’t miss our Game Night!