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Grammatica: Facciamo il Punto: I verbi


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Pre-registration is required

Verbs are the most important part of any sentence. Without them we cannot talk. They express how we are, how we feel, the actions we take. They describe events and situations too.
Italian verbs might be intimidating with our ARE, ERE, and IRE endings, but they can be fun to conjugate.
This workshop will help you to understand how our verb system works. Further, it will help you to master, in an interactive way, how to conjugate the present and the imperative tense s of all our regular verbs and the most common irregular ones.

Is our dictionary a hotel for foreign words?


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Pre-registration is required

Italian has always welcomed the influence of other languages by including foreign words in its vocabulary: from Greek and Arabic in ancient times, from French and Spanish in the modern era, to the present day spread of English in our spoken language.
In this workshop, we will answer some of the following questions: is the Italian dictionary a hotel for foreign words? Is that a sign of openness or provincialism? Is it an evolution or a corruption of our “Bella Lingua”?

The class is intended for high intermediate and advanced students.

Grammatica: Facciamo il Punto

Saturday, May 18th, 2:00 - 4:30 pm

Cost: $55

Presented in Italian

If you are studying Italian for your first time, you have most likely been overwhelmed by our grammar.
This workshop gives you the opportunity to review the core elements of basic Italian, master the rules, and increase and memorize your vocabulary.
Through exercises, games, and roleplaying, learning Italian is just plain fun.
While this workshop is intended for elementary students, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to attend.