Special Events + Workshops

Workshop: Biscotti di Natale

Sunday, December 12th, 10:00 - 11:30 am


Presented in Italian. Register by December 9

1. Roll-up long sleeves and wash your hands
2. Wear your apron and chef hat
3. Grab your cutest cookie cutters and we are ready to start!

Michela will guide you through the recipe of “milanesi di pasta frolla,” and creativity is required for shaping and decorating them!
This will be a holly jolly sugary workshop and don’t forget to share the cookies with your friends…

Dedicated to kids 6+ years old

Parental supervision required!


Cinema: Practice your Italian while having fun!

Past Event

Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Register by December 5

To participate in the workshop, watch the film Don Camillo on YouTube in advance. At the meeting with the guide of our instructor, you’ll discuss it, talk about the two contrasting personalities, and share your favorite moments. You will also learn about the social situation in Italy of the 40s and 50s and about the literary source of the film and its amazing creator, Giovannino Guareschi.
Don Camillo is the first of 5 movies shot in Italy between 1951 and 1965, based on the short stories of Giovannino Guareschi. Don Camillo (the priest) and Peppone (the communist mayor) are the two authorities of a little town in Emilia Romagna. They are loud, ready with their hands and cunning, but with a big heart. The two are always fighting, while secretly respecting one another. They represent the two souls of postwar Italy, divided into Partito Popolare and Partito Comunista.
After 70 years, Don Camillo, with its witty dialogue, endearing characters, and hilarious situations is still a favorite of the Italian audience.

Link to the Italian movie:
Don Camillo

Link to the English version (narrated by Orson Wells)
Don Camillo in English

Dedicated to students of level B2/C1/C2

Conversazione: Festività


Cost: $55

Presented in Italian. Register by November 28.

Fall is the season of major festivities in Italy and in the US.
Participants will talk about the similarities and the differences between the Italian and the American festivities, share their experiences and their plans for this particular year. At the end of the meeting, they will play the most popular game of the Italian holiday season: la Tombola!
To facilitate the conversation, reading materials will be emailed in advance, as long as the “cartelle” for the game.

Dedicated to students of level B1/B2