Apr 8, 2024

A symbol of the Italian literature: “Canne al vento” by Grazia Deledda

The book will be at the center of our
Spring Term’s Classic Book Club

Grazia Deledda‘s masterpiece, “Canne al Vento,” stands as a beacon of the Italian literature, weaving a rich tapestry of life in Sardinia with the universal themes of love, loss, and resilience.

While reading this novel, we also step into a celebration of the Italian culture and language at Istituto Italiano Scuola. Our Classic Book Club is on the horizon, offering a joyful journey through Italy’s literary treasures, starting with Deledda’s iconic work.  

Set against the rugged backdrop of Sardinia, “Canne al Vento” tells the story of the aristocratic Pintor sisters, living in a world where tradition clashes with the winds of change. Throughout their lives, Deledda paints a vivid picture of Sardinian society, its struggles, and the indomitable spirit of its people. The novel’s beauty lies in its simplicity and the profound moral questions it raises, making it a compelling read for anyone fascinated by the complexities of human nature and the eternal battle between duty and desire. 

Cover of the book "Canne al vento"

Grazia Deledda was born in Nuoro, Sardinia, in 1871, and her work often drew upon the life and traditions of her homeland. In 1926, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for her richly woven narratives that capture the spirit of Sardinia and reflect the complexities of the human soul. Deledda’s stories are a testament to her deep connection with her roots and her keen observation of human nature.

Deledda, with her deep understanding of human emotions and societal constraints, crafts a narrative that transcends the boundaries of time and geography. “Canne al Vento” is not just a story about Sardinia; it is a universal exploration of the human condition. Deledda’s ability to blend the local with the universal makes this novel a pivotal work in Italian literature and a perfect starting point for our book club discussions. It opens a window to Italian culture, history, and the enduring power of storytelling. 

Grazia Deledda’s legacy in literature is monumental, not only in Italy but around the world. Her themes of moral conflict, the struggle against societal expectations, and the portrayal of rural life have inspired countless readers and writers. By bringing the specificities of Sardinian life to the global stage, she has contributed to a broader understanding and appreciation of Italian culture through literature. 

We’re excited to start our next Classic Book Club, kicking off with “Canne al Vento.” It’s a unique chance for Italian literature enthusiasts to gather, share thoughts, and appreciate Italy’s literary gems.  

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“...siamo proprio come le canne al vento, donna Ester mia. Ecco perché! Siamo canne, e la sorte è il vento.”
Grazia Deledda, "Canne al vento"