Feb 19, 2024

Discovering the book “La ricreazione è finita”

The book will be part of 'Leggiamo Insieme' Program

In the cultural melting pot of San Francisco, Istituto Italiano Scuola stands as a proud emblem of Italian language and culture. Here, we are more than just a school; we are a community of learners, thinkers, and dreamers, united by our passion for Italy and its rich heritage. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our students and the broader community to thr book “La ricreazione è finita” by Dario Ferrari, a pivotal addition to our “Leggiamo Insieme” program for the Spring Term. 

Dario Ferrari’s “La ricreazione è finita” is an intricate exploration of human relationships, set against the backdrop of contemporary Italy. The novel unfolds the story of a protagonist caught in the web of modern life, where connections are often fleeting, and genuine communication is increasingly rare. Through a series of dialogues and encounters, the book delves into the art of conversation, questioning the very essence of human interaction in today’s world. 

Cover of the book "La ricreazione è finita” by Dario Ferrari

Here’s why “La ricreazione è finita” is a compelling read for anyone interested in Italian culture or learning the Italian language: 


  • Deep Cultural Insights: The novel provides a window into the Italian psyche, offering readers a chance to understand the societal shifts and challenges facing Italy today. It’s an invitation to explore Italian culture from a nuanced and contemporary perspective. 


  • Language Enrichment: For students at our Italian classes in San Francisco, the book is a treasure trove of linguistic gems. Engaging with the text allows learners to encounter new vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and complex sentence structures, enhancing their comprehension and fluency. 


  • A Sense of Belonging: By participating in “Leggiamo Insieme,” readers join a vibrant community that values deep discussions, shared insights, and the joy of discovering literature together. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and broaden one’s understanding of Italian literature. 


  • Support for Italian Authors: Choosing to read “La ricreazione è finita” is a gesture of support for contemporary Italian literature, helping to bring the voices of modern Italian writers to a global audience. 


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“E mi sento invecchiare e più all'orizzonte vedo stagliarsi la mia personale visione dell'orologio biologico: l'immagine di mio padre che vuole che io erediti il bar di famiglia”.
Dario Ferrari, "La ricreazione è finita"