February 17

Wine Tasting

a close up of a person holding a wine glass.
A premier wine selection dedicated to Southern Italian Volcanic Wines, accompanied by a discussion of the vocabulary for tasting and talking about wines in Italian.

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A memorable Wine Tasting event at the historic building of the Italian Community Services, Casa Fugazi, in the heart of North Beach.

Ticket holders will enjoy a premier wine selection dedicated to “Vini vulcanici dell’Italia del Sud” (Southern Italian Volcanic Wines) in an evening filled with Italian traditions, food, and friends. Italian wine importer and IIS student Mark Middlebrook will lead the seminar.

The heart of the class is a discussion of the most important vocabulary for tasting and talking about wines in Italian, with delicious examples in our glasses.

Our selection of wines

  • 2020 I Custodi ‘Aedes’ Etna Bianco
  • 2018 I Custodi ‘Pistus’ Etna Rosso
  • 2021 Caravaglio ‘Infatata’ Salina IGT Malvasia delle Lipari Secco
  • 2018 Matrone Bianco Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio
  • 2019 Matrone Rosso Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio
  • 2016 Cantina Madonna delle Grazie Aglianico del Vulture “Liscone”
  • 2019 Luigi Tecce ‘Satyricon’ Irpinia Campi Taurasini


You will also have some artisan cheese and other small bites to enjoy with these Italian-class wines:

  • Central Moliterno: this classic Sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia is produced by the Master Cheese Makers from the Villecco Family. The cheese is aged in straw baskets (“Incanestro” style), resulting in a lovely textured rind.
  • “Lingue di Suocera” Mario Fongo Rosemary Flatbread Crackers: “Il panaté”, is how people in Piedmont call their village baker, and Mario Fongo still likes to identify his firm with this term. His breadsticks and flatbread crackers are true artisan products made in the heart of Italy.
  • Masseria Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes: the flavor of the Masseria Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes is incredible. Perfectly made, still bright red in color, and with a supple meaty texture that will surprise anyone. Marinated in high-quality extra virgin olive oil.


Space is limited so register soon!

*This event is open only to those 21 years and older.

For additional information, please contact us via email at:
+ 10$ nonrefundable registration fee

Two hours

6:00 - 8:00 pm
Italian Community Services - 678 Green Street #3

Let our students speak for us!

Leslie Hughes
“What I like most about participating in a literature class with the Istituto is having classmates with whom to discuss our books. I like hearing their opinions and responding to them. Reading is a great pleasure of mine, but sharing a book makes reading an adventure. With a teacher guiding us we improve our language skills and become more self-confident expressing ourselves. I’m grateful for the opportunity!”
Dennis Abbe
“I have been taking classes at the SFIIS for years because, short of a long stay in Italy, it is the best way to maintain and improve my language skills. But more than that, I enjoy being with the other students and my instructor(s), many of whom are now good friends. In my class we read classic and contemporary Italian literature, and our instructor keeps us up to date on Italian culture and even politics. The experience on Zoom is almost as good as the in-person classes; Barbara is amazing in her use of the tools to run a lively, efficient, and fun class.”
Dede Heitman
“The SFIIS school offers the best, well rounded Italian languages classes in the Bay Area. With native speakers as teachers, the classes provide a comprehensive, natural and fun way of learning. Everyone feels welcome, no matter the level. The teachers are encouraging, entertaining and enthusiastic about their language and culture. As a bonus, I've made life-long friends through SFIIS classes. Please join our Italian language learning community!”
An authentic learning experience