May 21

Tiramisù Cooking Class

a bowl of dessert sitting on top of a wooden table.
Experience authentic Italian cuisine, learning the tips and tricks to prepare a delicious dessert you can recreate at home, with Istituto Italiano Scuola and NonnaLive.

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Tiramisù is a delicacy appreciated in every corner of the globe, it is boundless. Like pizza, it is a boast of Italian gastronomic traditions. So let’s learn how to prepare it with Grandma!

On May 21st, Nonna will teach you step-by-step how to prepare a perfect tiramisu! And since there is no tiramisu without good coffee, Grandma will show you some tricks for making a perfect coffee using the moka pot.

The workshop is online and the lesson is open to all levels of Italian because, where necessary, there will be an integration of the explanation in English, and they will be as interactive as possible. Each student will receive information materials specially created by NonnaLive via email, such as the Zoom link, recipe, explanations of ingredients, etc. before the lesson.

See you soon at Grandma’s house!

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One day

10:00 - 11:00 am
Via Zoom

Let our students speak for us!

Leslie Hughes
“What I like most about participating in a literature class with the Istituto is having classmates with whom to discuss our books. I like hearing their opinions and responding to them. Reading is a great pleasure of mine, but sharing a book makes reading an adventure. With a teacher guiding us we improve our language skills and become more self-confident expressing ourselves. I’m grateful for the opportunity!”
Dennis Abbe
“I have been taking classes at the SFIIS for years because, short of a long stay in Italy, it is the best way to maintain and improve my language skills. But more than that, I enjoy being with the other students and my instructor(s), many of whom are now good friends. In my class we read classic and contemporary Italian literature, and our instructor keeps us up to date on Italian culture and even politics. The experience on Zoom is almost as good as the in-person classes; Barbara is amazing in her use of the tools to run a lively, efficient, and fun class.”
Dede Heitman
“The SFIIS school offers the best, well rounded Italian languages classes in the Bay Area. With native speakers as teachers, the classes provide a comprehensive, natural and fun way of learning. Everyone feels welcome, no matter the level. The teachers are encouraging, entertaining and enthusiastic about their language and culture. As a bonus, I've made life-long friends through SFIIS classes. Please join our Italian language learning community!”
An authentic learning experience