Our textbooks have an optimal balance between Italian grammar, culture, and real-life situations. Most of them include a CD-ROM to reinforce grammar and listening comprehension.
Textbooks are available at Libreria Pino, the Italian bookstore in San Francisco. To give the school a small donation, at no additional cost:

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Nuovo Espresso 1 (A1)
by Tiziana Ziglio and Giovanna Rizzo
Alma Edizioni

Nuovo Espresso 2 (A2)
by Maria Balì and Giovanna Rizzo
Alma Edizioni

Nuovo Espresso 3 (B1)
by Maria Balì and Luciana Ziglio
Alma Edizioni

Nuovo Espresso 4 (B2)
by Maria Balì, Irene Dei
Alma Edizioni

Nuovo Espresso 5 (C1)
by Giorgi Masse, Rosella Bellagamba
Alma Edizioni